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The analysis of the stock market volatility and ways to mitigate the risk ECNFIN

Oftentimes a successful investing requires the time commitment, ability, and wiliness to take risk. When it comes to the real life, very few investors have the luxury and wiliness to meet these conditions to become successful. In this paper, I analyze the stock market risk and highlight difficulties to remain calm and rational during volatile times. For risk averse investors, one of the solutions is to have a diversified portfolio. The simple 50/50 asset allocation strategy combines a broadly diversified equity index with long-term government bonds. It is one example of a simple diversification strategy.
  1. The analysis of the stock market volatility and ways to mitigate the risk
  2. How will the new US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen effect the Economy and the Stock Markets?
  3. Forecasting the Future Standard & Poor’s 500 Index for the Year-End 2021
  4. Valuation of Government Bonds
  5. How did the international stock markets perform during the Covid-19 recession?
  6. How much home can you afford to buy due to the decrease in interest rates? Analysis of today’s housing market.
  7. The Simple 50/50 Asset Allocation Model – Proven to Withstand the Financial Crisis of 2008 and Covid-19 Pandemic
  8. Structural Wage Stagnation Causes Economic Weakness
  9. Passively Managed Funds and Heuristic Biases: New Challenges and Opportunities

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