20170208-_8000846Ivan V. Sichkar is passionate about finance and economics, fascinated about emerging markets, and a strong believer in value investing. He graduated with Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Denver; has a Bachelor Degree in Economics from Idaho State University, and Bachelor Degree in International Economics from Kiev National Economics University in Ukraine.

Ivan has fourteen + years of work experience as investment analyst and professional designations: CFA charter and FRM designation. Ivan has also worked as Adjunct Professor at Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, where he helped design and create a new graduate course for MSF students – Ethics in Finance. Ivan has developed course material to include CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct; current ethical issues facing financial markets around the world; case studies based on Derivatives and High Frequency Trading (HFT), Insider Trading, IPO process, and the Financial Crisis.

Ivan is giving back to the community by volunteering. Mr. Sichkar is current Director and past President of CFA Society Colorado. Prior to becoming the President, he has volunteered as Chair of CFA Society Colorado Advocacy Council where he advocated for CFA members by expanding our presence in the financial, governmental and academic communities for the purpose of improving standards of investment industry. Also, Mr. Sichkar has helped organize CFA Institute Research Challenge for universities in Colorado and Wyoming and has volunteered as industry mentor to the team from Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine.

For two years, Mr. Sichkar volunteered as Director of Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) in Denver. At the Denver GARP Chapter, Ivan organized meetings and presentations by risk professionals and economists.

Ivan is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. His hobbies include snowboarding, tennis, working out, hiking, and traveling.


This website is run by Ivan V. Sichkar and is intended for informational purposes only, to exchange ideas and to collaborate with fellow economists and investment professionals. It is not intended to give any advice, but to express an opinion only. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. ECNFIN.com is not associated with nor does it necessarily represent the opinion or advice of Culver Investment Company LLC.

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